Picture of Mark Sterle Mark is a high level quadriplegic with no arm or leg movement. He has been in a wheelchair for over 30 years and has overcome many obstacles of his paralysis. Since his accident in 1977, Mark has received an Undergraduate and Master's Degree in computer science, worked as a Senior Programmer Analyst for almost 20 years, bought a house, started several bands in which he played harmonica, and also wrote the motor control software for a sip-&-puff wheelchair that he is currently using.

This website contains information on how Mark maintains his health, the status of his new wheelchair motor controller project, how Mark controls his environment, and his music. If you have recently become paralyzed, this web site can help you cope with your disability and hopefully help you live a full and happy life. Mark is living proof that life is not over after becoming disabled. The sections on health maintenance and environmental control should be the most helpful to someone just recently injured. So keep a positive attitude and start getting after life... There is still a lot of living to do and a lot of fun to be had.